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...58-354W-90WA- 58 Series Outdoor 354mm Awning Strip Light with Anti Insect Amber LED's.. White Body

Superior design and functionality is the hallmark of the 58 Series. Its all in the detail! The unit has been designed around a highly polished reflective light surface, making it easy on the eye and designed to concentrate the light source where it is most needed whether it be external or internal. Its heavy duty construction is perfectly suited to the roughest of Australian conditions.

  • Reflective light source eliminates the direct LED eye dazzle
  • Coating is fully UV stabilised
  • One row of 45 Bright white 3528 SMD LEDs & another row of Amber LEDs
  • Specifically designed with a 60 degree spread from vertical keeping the light where it is needed.
  • Via the use of a 3 core cable, this unit can be switched between White or Amber "Insect Neutral"
  • Colour temp. of white LEDs is 6000 Kelvin
  • Measures 350x26x32mm {LxWxD}
  • 12volt
  • Draw 0.4A
  • Lumen 300 approx.
  • For 24v refer part # 41-MVA

  • Wiring: Earth...White  /  White LEDs....Brown +  /  Amber LEDs....Yellow +

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  • Brand: QLED
  • Product Code: 58-354W-90WA
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