A sophisticated, full colour LCD monitor that accurately displays a battery’s total capacity,

overall health and general status. Ideal for camper trailer and caravan interiors.


High intensity LCD screen displays: predicted state of charge, battery health, time to full charge and time to empty


Kit includes 500 Amp shunt and terminals for professional installation


Easy to use and navigate buttons provide the user total control and the ability to program low battery capacity and battery health alarms 


Supplied pre-wired with 4 pin connector into the rear of the unit. A separate terminal block provides a further wiring option


Easy and secure surface mount installation via supplied ‘click-fit’ mounting bracket enabling fixture to any surface

It is a highly accurate, easy to use and it uses a sophisticated, full colour LCD monitor that accurately

displays a battery’s total capacity, overall health and general status, temperature and clock.

The battery gauge features two screens - the basic which is ideal for the novice users with only basic

parameters displayed such as voltage, charge/discharge status, remaining capacity and time to empty/full.

The advance screen adds state of health and battery capacity reading in Ah.

The BM320 also includes an additional screen which shows the ambient temperature, real-time date and

time - this is ideal for caravans and campers and eliminates the need for additional products mounted in

the van. A smaller battery status icon is located in the top of the screen so you can still keep an eye on the

battery condition using colour indicators.

Built into the BM320 is two alarms, low capacity and low state of health which can only be set upon the

initial start-up (separate installer lock out menu), so when set up in a caravan the user cannot easily access

and change the settings which is a handy feature for caravan builders - reducing alarms/customer calls

from incorrect alarm settings by the end user.

The battery gauge itself uses patented technology from one of the world leading electronics companies

and ensures highly accurate measurements. The technology includes self-learning capability which tracks

and monitors the batteries state of health allowing the user to pre-emptively recondition (prolonging the

life of the battery) or change your battery before failure.

Its stylish design will suit all modern caravan interiors and with its simple user interface makes it one of the

easiest to use on the market. The 2.5” colour screen is especially useful for quickly identifying state of

charge with a simple glance at the battery colour.

Not only is it easy to use but it is also a breeze to install, a simple snap in bracket is included with a

mounting template, all screws and hardware is included in the box. The 1.5m main harness comes pre

terminated with ring terminals on the battery side and a 4 Pin snap connector on the monitor side to easily

connect the unit. All wires are labelled and the positive wire is fused with a replaceable 1 Amp fuse. If

being wired into an existing loom – a terminal block is included which allows builders/installers to use their

own harness.

A high quality 500A shunt is included with a robust rubber cover to prevent damage or shorts which could

cause errors in the display. The Rubber cover is the first of its kind and unique to the BM320.

The BM320 also has over and under voltage protection and is also reverse polarity protected. It supports

12V Wet/AGM/Gel/Calcium type batteries up to 320Ah. The BM320 has low power consumption @ just


The BM320 also features a built in night mode which the user can set the time in which the display will turn

off, meaning that if in a caravan the BM320 will not emit any lights while the occupant is trying to sleep.

The BM320 is ideal for the Caravan and camper van market as its design and features align with the

demographic, easy to see and use for the grey nomads and has all the crucial info for the off grid camper

where every last drop of energy counts.

The compact size and ease of mounting also makes it a great addition to existing battery box/power banks,

small off grid systems and 4x4 auxiliary battery systems.

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  • Brand: PROJECTA
  • Product Code: BM320
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $263.40