Lighting Exterior/Interior RV

LED Lighting has an overriding advantage over it's traditional cousin, that it's current consumption is typically a tenth of that of an incandescent globe.

The lighting from LED has come along in leaps & bounds in the last year. We are now enjoying Superior light output equal, if not better than more traditional choices, especially with the new QLED SMD LED technology.

The power consumption from a typical LED dome light is about 0.3A. These lights come in all shapes & sizes & are very stylish. They are using a diffuser in their design which gives a uniform light pattern, leaving no dark spots as was the case in the past.

There are different LED's being used: 'Cool white' or 'Warm white' & combinations of white & red LED's used for night vision.

When considering LED lamps over traditional lamps, keep in mind the savings & the ongoing advantages you shall have, for example, battery capacity, wire sizing, charger capacity. All of which you can offset against the initial cost by downsizing. Ongoing there will be no maintenance required.

One thing that we currently advise against, is the use of LED replacement globes. Although the principle is great, in practice I feel you will be greatly disappointed. A traditional lamp basically is designed from the globe out to the lamp body. A globe almost gives out a spherical light pattern, LED globes don't , because of their directional light output. If you were to have a LED globe made to the specs of a incandescent, you could purchase three new complete lamps at today's prices for a LED globe that could do the job. Give it two years (2011) & have a look then.

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