Price Change Notifications

Price Change Notifications


Insulated Studs Stainless 12.5% increase 22/3/2024

LED Autolamp / ECCO / Britax group....January 2024....Percentage, yet to be advised to us!

NARVA          Feb 2024  Approx. 4% {Weighted}

Quikcrimp    Feb 2024   Approx 6.3% {Weighted}

Whitevision  April 2024  Approx 5% Avg:  Implemented 19/5/2024


Some cable December 2023 ....3%

Whitevision average 3% increase across the board during July 2023 

Tycab increase Annual 5% increase during July 2023

Metal P-Clips   July 2023  3.5%

LED Autolamps: General across the board 7% increase  February 2023

NARVA  General price increase effective January 2023...On avg 4.8%

QUIKCRIMP Delayed until 9/2/2023 10% average across the board.

Britax  Increase 1/1/2023


Britax  Increase 1/1/2023

CABLE General increase from 5~12%. Some of this is the implementation from the May 2022 increase that was never put into effective.

Whitevision 7.5% effective 1/11/2022

NARVA  General price increase effective October 2022

QUIKCRIMP Delayed until 1/2/2023 10% average across the board.

QLED Navigation Lamps...15%....September 2022

Tycab Cables 5% General price Rise  July 1st 2022

Deutsch May 2022

Cable {May 2022} High copper content cables {Battery & 5 Cores} up to 12% in some instances. Balance is 3~5% on 30M spools only {Excluding 3mm Single Core @15%}

Quikcrimp  7% Avg increase 1st April 2022

LED Autolamps  10% Across the board 1st April 2022

Cable:   Only some product groups. 1/2/2022. No more than 5%

Narva 5~7% avg  as of February 2022

Britax/ECCO  Mid Ferbruary 2022. Initiated by us on 1/3/2022

White Vision  Feb 20222   6% Across the board.

Tungsram & J.W.Speaker  February 2022


Carling Switches:    10~30%, up to 90% in some occasions....December 2021

Tycab Cables :  5.5%  +/- Copper cathode...  November 1st

Narva 6~10% avg as of October 2021

Quickcrimp 1/11/2021  9% Copper Based Items.....All other 6% {Nylon}

QLED.  Specific, recently arrived products, without notice. Nov general rise! {Not all product}

Trailer Vision Products 3% July 2021

Deutsch Aug 2021 All DT variations 3%, HD30 series 5%, All terminals 5%

Cable Other 1/7/2021 22%

Tycab alone June 1/7/2021  No Change

Tycab alone June 1/6/2021  5%

Tycab cable & other Cable 6/4/2021  10%

Quickcrimp 6/4/2021  3% Crimp Terminals.....All other 6%

Utilux product 6/4/2021

Britax/ECCO July 1st 2021  7% avg

LED Autolamp  July 1st 2021  6%

March 23rd 2020 @ 12pm EST

Regarding high volume QLED & National Distributor products & their current pricing levels. As a result of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, over the last month or more we have seen significant Airfreight increases, to the tune of 40% on some consignments. As you would be aware with the weight/volume charge rates, it is quite difficult to absorb these higher costs! We have also had a  short but significant devaluation of our AUD in just the past week too before rebounding to a level back above 0.60USD !

Hence, we are notifying you that we will do as much as possible to keep you informed of any price changes, however there may be a lag in when the price has changed , to when we can formally notify you! We urge you to check when placing your order if you have concerns.


We wish to advise during September 2020, we shall be increasing pricing on the entire Single Core Cable range in both Solid & Trace cables. Pricing on this product has not changed in well over 18 months & in recent times we have found it unsustainable without having to implement the extra costs that have been put upon us over the last 6 months. We do appologise, however we trust that you understand.


Please call office for new pricing: 07 5456 2656

1. April 1st 2020: CB285 series circuit breakers


The following companies have announced price changes;


BRITAX/ECCO: Price changes expected on select product. Effective March 2020 5%


NARVA;  Price changes expected on select product. Effective 1st October 2019 Approx. NB: Narva has seen a  SEVEN percentage average increase...  Our new sell prices implemented 11/1119

LED AUTOLAMPS: Price change 5% across the board.  Becomes effective 1st November 2019 Approx.... Our price change is TBA {Dec 2019}

TYCAB CABLES: Price change across the board. Effective 1st November 3% 2019 {Annual CPI Increase only}

TRAILER VISION products:     Effective 1st of October 2019

White Vision         5.5% Effective 4th November 2019... Implemented 12/11/2019

QLED Products:    Effective 4th November 2019

16-Q0…Crimps   5%

16-QES    …………5%

58 Series 5%

41 Series 5%

91-RL  5~10%

121 Series 5%

TV Series 2.5%

58 Series 5%


Select models only ..Steaming


                                   ..Steaming Deck Light Combination

QUIKCRIMP: May 6th 2019  3% Across the board with the exception of Nylon products that will be 10%

TYCAB CABLES: Price change across the board. Effective 1st March 2019

DEUTSCH:  TE have announced price changes can be expected as of December 2018

BRITAX / Cole Hersee:  New pricing to take effect 1/1/2019. Change 9% on Cole Hersee, General Britax products 5%

HELLA;  Price changes expected on select product. Effective 1st July 2018 Approx. 2.5%.....Now in effect

QLED:   Minor price changes expected on select product. Effective 1st August 2018 {Items: 16-PTO, Insulated Post range, Midie Fuses, 64-148, 64-442 Mini Bars}

              Minor changes to 41 Series lamps, December 2018

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